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Foster Care
Supportive Visitation

Providing Compassion and Guidance to Parents

The Foster Care Supportive Visitation program through Family & Children Services is a parenting skills education program serving parents whose children are in foster care.

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Service Overview


The Foster Care Supportive Visitation/In-Home Education Program serves families in Kalamazoo and Calhoun counties and provides intensive, individualized parent skill coaching and education to families whose child or children have been in out-of-home placement for less than 8 months or have an open foster care case.

Visit Coaches provides pre- and post-visit education to the family on specific parenting skills. Based on the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program model, coaches help parents replace old patterns of thought and behavior with newer, healthier versions.


Visitation support includes:

  • Teaches life/home management skills.
  • Pre-visit planning and post-visit debriefing offering feedback and education.
  • 16 weeks of individualized one-hour sessions.
  • Pre- and post-test using the Adult-Adolescent Parenting inventory (AAPI) is utilized to evaluate parenting beliefs and attitudes toward child-rearing.

Eligibility and Referrals


Families eligible for the Foster Care Supportive Visitation program, include those with:

  • A contract with MDHHS.

Referrals can be made by:



The State of Michigan provides funding for the Foster Care Supportive Visitation program.