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Parenting Time Support Services

Coaching Parents, Promoting Healthy Family Relationships

Family & Children Services works with Parenting Support Services, a Kalamazoo County program that allows children to interact with their parents in a safe environment to maintain the parent/child bond and practice parenting skills.

Two fathers with their child at the park

Promoting Family Relationships


Family & Children Services works with the Parenting Time Support Services program, which is designed for Kalamazoo County families who are involved with MDHHS CPS or who have one or more children in out-of-home placement.

Program Overview

Parenting Time Support Services promotes the development of family relationships by allowing parents to take the lead during visits with their children, make choices, and practice routines that may be adapted to home life with the child(ren).

The family and Visit Coach collaborate to establish:

  • Establish a schedule of parenting time.
  • Discuss child behavior.

Related services include:

  • Meeting transportation needs to and from visits.
  • Teach parenting skills, depending on the family needs and visitation goals.
  • Assist in identifying and accessing community resources as needed.
  • Identify family protective factors that need strengthening.
  • Flexible scheduling.

Eligibility and Referrals


Parents and primary caregivers in Kalamazoo County, who are responsible for the care and supervision of minor children, are eligible for the program.

Referrals can be made by:

Families with open Children’s Protective Services or foster care cases may also qualify.



The program is funded by Kalamazoo County DHHS.