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Origins of Our Service


The history of Family & Children Services goes back to the founding of Kalamazoo’s Women’s Civic Improvement League (1903) and the Michigan Children’s Aid Society (Battle Creek, 1917 and Kalamazoo, 1920).

Since then, those groups and many others, have merged to gradually become the wide-reaching organization that exists today as a source of hope to Southwest Michigan.


These mergers were pursued with the belief that each organization could better serve changing community needs if resources were united under one infrastructure. The shared goal was always to increase the collective abilities of agencies and communities to pursue new opportunities to support individuals, families, and children.

Original family and children services home

Today’s Family & Children Services, Inc. was established in 1997 with the merger of Family & Children Services of the Kalamazoo Area and Family and Children’s Service of Calhoun County. The organization was joined by the Kalamazoo Consultation Center (KCC) in 1998 and by The Adoption Cradle in 1999.


Throughout the decades, services and programs have changed and new innovative models have been created based on community needs.

The current Lake Street location in Kalamazoo was completed in 1995 and has since been expanded to include residential facilities for children and teenagers.

The fact that Family & Children Services has remained “a source of hope” for more than a century of service, should come as no surprise to the community. The agency’s roots are deep and strong in Kalamazoo.

Current Home of Family and Children services
Founder of FCSV

Whether they had local family histories or were newly arrived in Kalamazoo, the founders and builders of this organization were committed doers. They believed that all of us deserve to live a safe and rewarding life together with our families, and they believed in getting personally involved in making things happen.


Their individual and collective stories reveal a powerful constancy of vision and mission that has endured from the beginning and is still evident today in the goals that Family & Children Services has for tomorrow – a focus that transcends name changes, the marks of individual leaders, and the evolution of specific services extended to the community.

We look forward to continuing this powerful legacy in our community for years to come.

Children looking into original home

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