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Our Team

Dedication and Service to Others


Individually and collectively, Family & Children Services’ Board of Directors, community volunteers, life members, and many more make a difference in the lives of children and families in crisis.

Our Leadership

Diane Marquess
Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Mehalko
Director of Operations
Elizabeth Lord
Children’s Services Director
Susan Davis
Clinical Services Director
Courtenay VanderMolen
Director of Resource Development
Heather Reed-Martinez
Children’s Services Manager
Christine Seput
Clinical Services Manager
Allison Bland
Quality Services & Compliance Manager
Tony Shepherd
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager
Tesi Klipsch
Marketing & Communications Manager

Our Board

Brian K. Hudson
Connie McFee
Vice President
Linda Miller
Victoria Reese

Chad Bareither
James A. Bridenstine
Kimberly M. Carter
Kelli Collins
Fiona S. Denny
Cheryl A. Dickson
Teresa M. Durham
Michael D. Evans
Samantha Farris
David Furgason
Jose Gomez
Suzanne M. Gonzalez
Alan J. Hovestadt
N. Dean MacVicar
Carrie R. Morrow
Terry Morrow
Patrick H. Munley
Carlos Rangel
Sarah K. Willey
Eric Wozniak

Community Volunteers

Peggy Anderson

Gary H. Bischof

Kelly Conway

Steven Grieve

Colette A. Gushurst

John T. Hayden

Barbara L. James

Brian S. Loken

Peter R. Seaver

James R. Valk

Carlos Vega

Douglas G. Worgess

Lori Yelton

Life Members

Edward P. Bauman

Robert E. Boughner

Ross E. Chapman

James B. Falahee, Jr.

Rosemary Gardiner

Barbara L. James

Barbara J. Kreis

Craig H. Lubben

Janice Maatman

Mary E. McLean

Florence U. Orosz

Ann V. Parfet

Peter R. Seaver

James A. Shamp

Donald Vander Kooy

Larry J. Wilson