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Send a Child to Summer Camp

June 15, 2017

Send a Child to Summer Camp

Most children welcome summer as a time for family vacations, summer camps, and lots of new experiences. For children in poverty with emotional or developmental problems, or children living in abusive or neglectful households, summer means a large span of unstructured time and lost opportunities to learn valuable life lessons, gain confidence in their ability to overcome challenges, and forge trusting relationships with caring adults.

With help from our generous donors, Family & Children Services will give nearly 100 of these children a safe, nurturing summer camp experience this year. Together, we’ve been sending children to summer camp for nearly 20 years.

We match each child with a camp that meets his or her special circumstance. They will do the same things that all kids do at camp: swim, hike, kayak, play soccer, sing, tell stories, sleep under the stars, make new friends. They will also get away from the TV, the streets, and the mall. Most importantly, they will have a chance to just be kids.

There is still time for you to help send a child to camp this summer. Visit fcsource.org and click on “DONATE NOW” to give through our secure online portal. Make a single donation or a multi-year pledge.

Through HANDLE WITH CARE, our agency’s unique safety net that provides for immediate client needs and services when there is no other source in the community, your tax-deductible gift can help send a deserving child to camp. Together, we just might put a young life on track to become just like you: a responsible, fulfilled and caring adult.

Through the end of May, nearly 100 donors had stepped forward to send a child to camp. If you ever wonder whether your contribution makes a difference in the life of a child and family, read this thank you letter from a grateful parent. YOU make a huge difference.

To the donor for my daughter's summer camp: [My daughter] is almost 13, and it is becoming harder and harder to care for her on my own. She has Down Syndrome, is autistic, and has a severe cognitive impairment. We LOVE St. Francis Camp on the Lake for individuals with special needs! We are very comfortable sending her there, and know that she is safe, giving us peace of mind. We are more thankful than we can possibly say for the donation you made, which will allow us to send her an extra week this summer! There is no way we would be able to afford multiple weeks on our own. So, thank you. You have blessed our family more than you'll ever know.