The Holiday Giving Program.

What is Holiday Giving?

The Holiday Giving Program is an opportunity to support families and children during the long winter months of the holiday season. Family & Children Services will match community donors with the needs of our clients. Community donors provide in-kind donations, such as gifts, food, household supplies and/or personal care items, to families, children, and individuals in great need throughout the season.

If a donor would like to expand the impact of the Holiday Giving Program without being matched with a client family, the In-House Holiday Store is another option to assist our clients. Often, a family’s need comes to the attention of their therapist or worker during the final hours before the holiday. The In-House Holiday Store allows our staff to respond and provide individuals with donated items allowing them to have something to give to their children during the holiday. The In-House Store is entirely stocked by community donations from individuals, schools, churches, local businesses and corporations.


Who Does Holiday Giving Serve?

Holiday Giving helps clients of Family & Children Services. Many of these families include some of the most vulnerable children in Kalamazoo and Calhoun counties.

The season, while a joyful time for many, can represent a time of fear and desperation for many we serve. From the little girl whose mother suffered a stroke to the family with the father who was recently unemployed. Holiday Giving reaches out in a caring way to provide help for those who need it most.

Who Was Served in 2021?

  • 1,454 total individuals served
  • Matched with 194 community donors.
  • 617 individuals were served through the In-House Holiday Store that was stocked by community donors.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in helping families in need. Your contribution will make a big difference this holiday season.

For more information, please contact:

Tesi Klipsch
Marketing & Communications Manager

(269) 270-4763

Holiday Giving