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Circle of Hope. An Endowment.

Circle of Hope Endowment has been essential to preserving direct client services, reducing the disabling impact of state funding fluctuations, and providing innovation funding in support of best practices in emerging areas of need.

Several years ago Family & Children Services quietly engaged in the work of increasing its Circle of Hope Endowment in order to ensure long term sustainability of vital services. Generous community support and participation by 100% of our Board of Directors were instrumental in building this essential Agency safety net.

We invite you as an important partner in Family & Children Services’ work to make a gift or pledge to Circle of Hope Endowment. In its recent past, endowment fund use has contributed significantly to the preservation, stability and development of vital Agency services including:

Investment of $50,000 in pilot funding for Trauma Assessment and Treatment Services for the most severely abused of 175 children now in our foster homes. Without critical early assessment and treatment staff members are hampered in making strong placement recommendations and supporting foster and adoptive families with clinical treatment, which is predictive of success. This pilot attracted an additional $130,000 in foundation and private donor investment... yet the waiting list for foster children in need of this under-reimbursed service grows daily.

Services to 50 adults with severe mental illness were reinstated with $118,000 when state funding cuts threatened fragile adult clients’ recovery progress and would have likely resulted in costly relapses.

Endowment dollars helped stabilize the Agency by bridging the ever widening gap between contract revenues and expenses. Agency expenses increased 9% over the last three years, while contract revenues remain at maintenance levels or are decreasing.

Using these few examples, you can imagine the number of lives that have been touched by Family & Children Services through the generosity of caring individuals over the last century. Conversely, think what families and children might have endured without Family & Children Services providing hope and healing through child welfare and behavioral health services to more than 8,000 clients annually.

Circle of Hope. An Endowment.
Circle of Hope. An Endowment.
Circle of Hope. An Endowment.

Please partner with Family & Children Services and make a gift or pledge to Circle of Hope Endowment.

Development Office, 1608 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001, (269) 344-0202

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