Our Board of Directors

Social distancing is a crucial aspect of keeping ourselves and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of months, our world has changed from coming together as a group to coming together as a grid. Although there may be boundaries between us in a grid, Family & Children Services board members have overcome those boundaries with the help of technology. We continue to reach our colleagues, our partners, and our clients, offering all of our services with the same level of care.

Board of Directors

Brian K. Hudson, President
Connie McFee, Vice President
Linda Miller, Treasurer
Victoria Reese, Secretary
David Boysen
James A. Bridenstine
Ken Buechele
Kimberly M. Carter
Kelli Collins, D.O.
Fiona S. Denny
Cheryl A. Dickson, M.D., MPH
Teresa M. Durham
Michael D. Evans
David Furgason
Jose Luis Gomez-Aboites
Suzanne M. Gonzalez
Annie Johnston Henn
Alan J. Hovestadt
N. Dean MacVicar
Nicole L. McAllister
Carrie R. Morrow
Patrick H. Munley, Ph. D.
Eric Wozniak

Community Volunteers

Peggy Anderson
Kelly Conway
Miranda Garside
Steven Grieve
Colette A. Gushurst, M.D.
John T. Hayden
Barbara L. James
Brian S. Loken
Ann V. Parfet
Peter R. Seaver
Carlos Vega
James R. Valk
Von Washington Jr.
Douglas G. Worgess
Lori Yelton

Life Members

Edward P. Bauman
Robert E. Boughner
Ross E. Chapman
James B. Falahee, Jr.
Rosemary Gardiner
Barbara L. James
Barbara J. Kreis
Craig H. Lubben
Janice Maatman
Mary E. McLean
Florence U. Orosz
Ann V. Parfet
Peter R. Seaver
James A. Shamp
Elaine Van Leeuwen
Donald Vander Kooy
Larry J. Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Sherry Thomas-Cloud, MSW, LMSW

Director of Resource Development

Courtenay VanderMolen