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for suicidal ideation that actually turned out to be suicidal intent,
            which is much more serious. I was able to gather all the information
            necessary to make an appropriate referral for a short stay at Glen’s
            House, our residential home for youth who are experiencing an acute
            psychiatric crisis.”
            A few months later, talking with Bader on their new phones two to
            four hours each week, both girls have made great progress. Both
            have learned coping skills for those moments when depression
            looms or anger surges. They have learned relaxation techniques, and
            have learned how to express their feelings—even to Mom, who now
            schedules time each evening to be with her girls.
            Empowered herself to use innovative approaches with her clients,
            Kylie Bader empowered her clients to stand strong under all the
            challenges life has given them.
                                                                  “As a young clinician I always appreciate the support more
                                                                  experienced clinicians give me. My supervisor was right
                                                                  there ready to assist me through the suicide assessment and
                                                                  pre-screening process for this youth. She processed the severity
                                                                  of the situation with me and made the call to Glen’s House to
                                                                  ensure we had openings while I was still on the Zoom call with
                                                                  the youth. Once she got the approval for a referral, I was able
                                                                  to inform the youth and her family of the details they needed
                                                                  to keep her safe and get her to Glen’s House. The FACT team
                                                                  has ongoing communication that we use to ask each other
                                                                  questions, receive feedback, and give each other
                                                                  encouragement. There is always someone available to help out.
                                                                  As a team we definitely have a culture of empowering each other
                                                                  to do the best work we can with our client families by going the
                                                                  extra mile for each other.”
                                                                  – Kylie Bader, FACT Therapist

            With your help, we can RISE to meet current and future challenges.

               Your gifts are more important than ever to support the critical needs   Year ‘Round Pantry collects in-kind gifts from the community to
               of our clients both today and into the future.      support client needs such as blankets, bedding, coats, household
                                                                   items, personal care products, diapers, back to school items, toys
               HANDLE WITH CARE Annual Fund is a unique safety net providing
               agency clients with basic needs and critical services where there is   and books.
               no other source in the community.                   Visionary Club donors provide planned gifts to support future
               Pack a Child for Camp provides camp scholarships for children   generations of children and families.
               served by the agency.                               THANK YOU! To make a gift, please contact Courtenay VanderMolen,
                                                                   Director of Resource Development at 269-344-0202
               Holiday Giving matches client families and children with
               individuals, schools, community groups and corporate donors to   extension 4417.
               provide holiday gifts and meals.                    Secure online donations are accepted at

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