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R    I   S E

                 S               S E RV I C E

            SERVICE: Doing for Others.

            The work we do at Family & Children Services is not always easy. We           Nikeesha Settles, Family
            put the needs of others ahead of our own and answer the call when             Preservation Specialist
            there is a cry for help. Easy or not, we always strive to do the right        For Nikeesha Settles, working
            thing. We are here to serve.                                                  as a family preservation specialist

            In everything we do we are accountable, taking responsibility for             in the Battle Creek office of
            each task, so we can learn—as individuals and as an organization—             Family & Children Services was
            what is effective and where opportunities are to improve. We are              a happy mistake. The “mistake”
            results and outcome oriented.                                                 happened when she decided to
            There is a story behind everyone who proudly calls themselves an              return to school.
            employee of Family & Children Services. We highlight a few here for   “I thought I was signing up for a class in human resources, but I
            their SERVICE, but there are more than 160 exemplary staff that   actually signed up for human services,” she says. “I found I had a
            represent our organization.                         passion for developing empathy in others, especially in child

                                      Bruce Bosier,             protective services.”
                                      Facilities Manager        Nikeesha spends her days at Family & Children Services finding

                                      A nine-year-old boy had already   ways to overcome the obstacles families face that often tear them
                                      been through so much trauma   apart. Her focus is always on keeping children in their homes.
                                      in his young life. He was in yet   “We do whatever is needed, whether it is to assist with household
                                      another foster home, facing two   management, or learning how to budget finances, or cleaning,” she
                                      new foster parents. He hid in   says. “And we always try to model the behaviors we teach.”
                                      the closet of his new bedroom,   When COVID-19 changed all the rules, Nikeesha found ways
                                      refusing to come out.     to maintain connections with the families she serves. “We had
            They couldn’t possibly understand.                  someone whose house needed cleaning. Each session, we would
            But they did understand. Bruce Bosier, a facilities manager at Family   pick a corner of the house to work on. One corner at a time so that it
            & Children Services, and his wife Cindy had been foster parents since   wouldn’t get overwhelming.”
            1997. Since then, they have fostered more than 30 children.   After she finishes her day at Family & Children Services, Nikeesha
            Bruce opened the closet door and quietly sat down on the floor   heads to Kellogg Community College to teach evening classes in
            beside the boy. For a long time, they simply sat together. In time, the   their human services program. She doesn’t mind the full schedule.
            boy started to talk and trust in his new foster family.   Service, Nikeesha says, completes her.
            Dedicated to serving at home, Bruce Bosier does the same at work,             Melinda Lussier,
            caring for his Family & Children Services family with the same level          Adoption Supervisor
            of commitment. Kitty Scheffers is operations director and oversees            Nothing can replace going
            Bruce at work.                                                                through an experience yourself

            “It makes my job easier to know how well Bruce cares for our                  to understand the experiences
            facilities,” she says. “I regularly get emails from others, telling me        of others. It’s what drives Melinda
            how much they appreciate the service Bruce provides.”                         Lussier’s service as an
                                                                                          adoption supervisor. She’s
                                                                                          worked in adoptions for more
                                                                                          than 30 years.

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