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I             I N TE G R I T Y

            INTEGRITY: Brightening Tomorrow Today—Our Partnership with Greenleaf Trust.

            Family & Children Services could not thrive if it were not for the    Along with volunteering, Greenleaf Trust is also a frequent donor to
            generous gifts of our donors. What we do with those gifts—and   Family & Children Services. The Holiday Giving Program has been a
            how we do it—is a matter of integrity. Integrity means that we are   favorite over the years.
            responsible stewards of our resources, honoring the intentions of
            our donors and using those resources to the maximum benefit of all.

            Helping us maintain high integrity in handling our resources is where
            Greenleaf Trust comes in. Greenleaf Trust is a privately held wealth
            management firm with specialized disciplines in wealth management,
            trust administration, and retirement plan administration.
            “Greenleaf Trust celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2019, and that’s
            how long we have enjoyed a partnership with Family & Children Services,”
            says Melinda Shull, senior trust relationship officer at Greenleaf. “We
            were chartered in 1998, and in 1999, we started a retirement plan to
            help Family & Children Services employees save for their retirement.
            In 2000, we began to manage their endowment funds.”  “During the holidays, we adopt 10 families, and we have a lot of fun
            Another aspect of the partnership between Greenleaf Trust    with gift-giving and wrapping,” Shull smiles. “One of the things we
            and Family & Children Services is the commitment the wealth    do is auction off a reserved parking spot. Staff bids on a spot and
            management organization has made to our work in the community.   the proceeds go to Family & Children Services. Last year, we donated
            Our partnership goes beyond business to take on a more    close to $7,000 from the auction.”
            personal commitment.                                With an unwavering focus on meeting client needs, Greenleaf Trust

            “There’s a cultural initiative among our staff to help our community,”   has become an even more valuable partner over time, managing
            Shull says. “Collectively, we have clocked more than a thousand   risk and providing fiduciary consistency in normal and extraordinary
            hours volunteering at non-profits, including Family & Children    circumstances. It is a partnership built on integrity that benefits
            Services. We look for those opportunities to make a real difference.”  everyone involved.

            2019 Financial Highlights
                                                           Revenues                             Expenses
            Family & Children Services operating
            revenues for 2019 were $10,079,000.   Endowment  General 5%  MI Dept of Health   Agency   Fundraising 1%
                                                                        andHuman Svcs
            Family & Children Services’ friends   Spendable 5%          59%           Expenses 12%
            generously donated $599,000 in   Sources 7%
            contributions. Agency Endowment   Private Insurance,
            Funds supported programs with   Client Fees,
            $1,017,000. Non Cash Gifts had    & Other
                                          Contracts 7%
            an estimated value of $145,000.
            Operating expenses, excluding    Community                            Provision of
            depreciation were $11,596,000.  Mental Health 17%                     Services 87%

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