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R    I   S E

                 R               R E S PE C T

            RESPECT: How We Earn It and How We Give It.

            RESPECT underlies everything we do at Family & Children Services.    highly skilled staff; the praise community stakeholders shared about
            It is the cornerstone of our every relationship—whether those are    our organization; the rich diversity of our teams; our evidence-based
            relationships that we nurture and sustain between staff members   programming; continuous quality improvement practices; and Lean
            and business partners or in the relationships we so carefully build   Management. They were impressed that our clients were given
            with our service recipients.                        copies of case notes, something they had not seen among our peers,

            There is no greater honor, surely, than to be recognized for the   and determined to recommend this to other organizations as an
            respect we give than to earn that respect in return.   example to follow.

            In January 2020, we received the news that we have earned high praise
            by COA, the Council on Accreditation. COA is a nationally recognized,
            independent accreditor of community-based behavioral health care
            and social service organizations. When they review organizations for
            accreditation, COA looks at quality, risk management, continuous
            improvement, transparency and accountability, and recognition. In
            other words, the COA evaluates an organization or program against
            best practice standards.

                                                                We were especially gratified by the feedback from our service
                                                                recipients. A mother told the COA team that she would have lost her
                                                                children without the help she received through our services. Another
                                                                mom talked about the meaningful relationship she and her children
                                                                have developed with our caseworker, and that her eldest son is now
                                                                teaching some of the life skills he’s learned to younger siblings.
                                                                Another young woman talked about the help she received to get her
                                                                life back on track—she has been able to break free from an abusive
                                                                relationship and is now able to look for work. She thanks Family &
            To earn this accreditation, a national team from COA conducted   Children Services for all of it.
            interviews with staff members, board members, supervisors, staff,
            community partners, and service recipients. The team reviewed our   This is what we do. And we do it with respect. We treat each and
            programs and services, visited our facilities, and examined case    every Family & Children Services client with the dignity and respect
            records and other documents. They also evaluated our administrative   every person deserves—and it makes a difference. The respect we
            and management practices.                           have received in return, earning us accreditation for excellence in
                                                                our work, is an honor we wear with pride and intend to earn again
            Feedback from COA included commentary on the dedication,    and again in future years.
            passion and pride that we have in our jobs; our well-trained and

                “The organization has earned the community’s trust, respect, and support. It operates with integrity and strong
                ethics that are aligned with their mission… We are proud to be associated with you and your colleagues. We wish
                you the very best in your continuing service to persons in your community. That is the power of accreditation.”
                                  ­ —­President­and­Chief­Executive­Officer,­Council­on­Accreditation
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