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RISE: The Values of Family & Children Services.

            Every successful individual, business or organization holds one   RISE is an acronym for Respect—Integrity—Service—Empowerment.
            aspect in common: a well-defined value system. At Family & Children   RISE sums up who we are among ourselves, as colleagues, and how
            Services, our values guide our every decision, our every action and   we treat our clients, our partners, and anyone who needs help.
            interaction, from our interactions with our clients and community   RISE is who we continuously strive to be. RISE is how we engage with
            partners, to our hiring practices and employee relations.  our community and stand out as a guiding light of hope to others.
            Who are we? What do we stand for? Who do we want to be?   Together, we RISE.

            We developed our values by asking these questions of our 160 staff
            and board members and incorporated the responses in focus group
            conversations. The result was RISE.

                   R                           I                        S                         E

                 RESPECT                  INTEGRITY                  SERVICE               EMPOWERMENT

                Respect underlies our      When we work in an       We are results oriented,  Imagine what you can do
              relationships with our clients  atmosphere of trust and    committed to serving our    when empowered—and then
              as well as our colleagues and    transparency we feel safe to    clients and our community.   do it. When we are
              partners. Respect is what we    bring up difficult issues to be                 empowered to do our work,
              owe ourselves and to all with    solved as we are on a journey    We do not ask if something    we provide the tools and
               whom we come in contact    of continuous improvement.  is within our job description—   opportunities for others to
                 throughout our day.                              it all is. If it is the right thing    be their best, too.
                                          We take ownership of      to do, we do it. Above and
               Our relationships are based    obstacles in our work and    beyond, we extend ourselves    We embrace learning and
               on equity and inclusion,    are free to take action so as    to our clients.  take initiative, responding to
              acceptance and mutuality.    to improve and grow. We                           change with creative solutions.
               We succeed together and    hear the concerns of our    To be successful means that
                value our differences.    clients and act on them.    we don’t let our mistakes    Family & Children Services
                                         Ownership means not only    hold us back—we are     strives for excellence in all
                 We walk alongside in    identifying a problem, but    accountable and learn from    we do. Possibilities are here
              partnership with the families    developing ideas on how    them, creating tomorrow’s    to be discovered and pursued.
               and children who need our    to solve the problem.   successes out of today’s    Through teamwork, we come
              help, honoring their dignity.                       lessons. Rather than evaluate,    together to solve problems.
                                         When we receive gifts from    we coach for success. We
               We take the time to learn    our donors, whether material    provide constructive  We hold the vision of who
              about the experiences of our    or in service, we must be    feedback, but even more    we are as our best selves
               clients, help identify their    worthy of the trust bestowed    readily— recognize each    and work toward achieving it.
               individual strengths and    upon us. We are responsible    other for a job well done.  We hold that same vision of
                                                                                              our clients. We imagine a
               find ways, together, to use    stewards of our resources,
               those strengths to improve    honoring the intentions of our    We work hard and recognize    future where hope can flourish.
                                                                    the benefit of maintaining
                    their lives.          donors and using those
                                         resources to the maximum    a healthy life/work balance.
                                             benefit of all.        When our own needs are
                                                                   met, we are able to give our
                                                                       best to others.

                                      We RISE to exceed our expectations and exemplify our values.
                      We RISE to excellence in our service to the families and children of our community and in our workplace.
                               We RISE to continuous improvement, making each day better than the day before.
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