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Dear Friends:

            Looking back at the year of 2019, we can’t help but reflect through   In SERVICE, we highlight four Family & Children Services employees,
            the lens of today and the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. In many   although we could easily have chosen any among our 160 staff
            ways, the challenges of the pandemic have been a test of all we have   members, each one a servant leader in her or his job and through
            put into place and accomplished in 2019. It was a year that, beyond   personal community service.
            our knowing at the time, prepared us to take on what was to come.   Finally, EMPOWERMENT, a story of how we empower our employees
            If in 2019 we gathered as a team to identify our organizational values,   to go out into the world and empower others to make changes that
            then in 2020 those values have guided us, even under the most    improve their lives. When COVID-19 prevented us from going out
            challenging conditions. Staff and board members, partners and clients   into our world in person, we found new ways to reach our clients.
            reflected on the work that we do, why and how we do it, and from that   Virtually, we kept showing up in living rooms and on porches and
            evolved our values, summed up in an acronym—RISE. And so, this   at kitchen tables in so many homes, listening, consulting, offering
            year’s annual report is a closer examination of our values and how they   healing. In so doing, we showed that whatever the challenge, we can
            serve us so that we may better serve our clients and community.   overcome it together.
            Through the value of RESPECT, read how we earned high praise on   We RISE. Our values keep us strong in our belief that we can and will
            our accreditation by COA, the Council on Accreditation, a nationally   make a difference in the lives of our clients and our community. We
            recognized, independent accreditor of community-based behavioral   do it right. We do it for all who need us.
            health care and social service organizations. They measured Family
            & Children Services by best practice standards—and we earned their
            respect. We earned it by the respect we give to our colleagues, our
            community partners, and our clients.

            Read about INTEGRITY and how this value informs who we are as   Sherry Thomas-Cloud, MSW, LMSW
            stewards of our resources and who we choose to help us as partners.   Chief Executive Officer
            This is the story of our long-term partnership with Greenleaf Trust,
            alongside us every step of the way to ensure our future is financially
            sound for many years to come.
                                                               Brian K. Hudson
                                                               President, Board of Directors

                                                        Our Mission
                         Family & Children Services supports, strengthens and preserves the safety, well-being
                                         and dignity of children, individuals and families.
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