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D. Jean Miller

D. Jean Miller

D. Jean Miller

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D. Jean Miller
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Professional Philosophy:
I believe that everyone has the right and ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  Change and optimal personal growth are important to me.  Recognizing self-awareness acts as an essential base for personal growth. I hope every individual served desires change and a healthy positive lifestyle.  I focus on positive, strength-based approaches that consider the many forces and factors that make us holistic individuals.  I believe that living life takes courage and often we need assistance to re-focus our life’s direction and support through difficult times. Motivation and momentum are also potential benefits that counseling can create with individuals. I assist individuals with short-term, goal oriented, and positive treatment. I know quality treatment services work in a collaborative nature with the individual, the counselor, our Family & Children team, and the community resources for a healthy, safe approach.

I have had the opportunity to work with diverse people with substance abuse & co-occurring issues.  I have worked with adolescent and adult males and females. Special populations I have served include parolees with mental health issues, homeless individuals, males returning to society from incarceration, domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. I have worked within a substance abuse facility and provided outpatient services.   I am certified with Women’s Specialty Services and offer Moral Recognition Therapy.  I also have knowledge and experience preforming Driver License Restoration evaluations, advocating with judges; plus conducting driver impaired classes & groups.  I have done Public speaking with Marshall High School and the Calhoun Area Career Center (CACC) on substance abuse.  I acted as an Advisor for the Parole and Probation departments Steering Committee as they worked on integrating individuals back into the community from incarceration. Other projects I have been involved with include: the University of Michigan Prison Art program and iPod broadcasting for prisoners. I received the “Spirit of Detroit Award”, “State of Michigan Special Tribute”, and the “Congressional Recognition” in 2011.

Special Interests:
My interests are in assisting others with developing recovery skills, setting and maintaining boundaries with others, and creating and following schedules. I assist individuals in utilizing Mindfulness techniques and cognitive thought processing in order to move on to the next phase in life.  I enjoy working with individuals who are homeless, paroled, addicted, and experiencing mental health issues. I am interested in providing services to individuals, adults and adolescents.

I have a Paralegal degree specializing in Criminal Law, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Bachelors in Social Work, and a Masters in Clinical Social Work. I have completed the Fundamentals of Substance Abuse, the SPEC Test (Special Population with Diversity in substance abuse), CACD-IC&RC (International Addiction Specialist).  I also carry a CCS (Clinical Clinician Supervisor).