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Opening the Circle of Blessings

December, 2021

As we exchange gifts with family and friends this holiday season, please consider those individuals, families, and children who have no gifts to give. This is the reality of those in our community who suffer from emotional and physical challenges, food insecurity, homelessness, neglect and abuse, and other hardships.

Too often, their problems go unresolved.

In a season when we are reminded of our own blessings, at Family & Children Services, we see the members of our community who are less fortunate. We see their faces, we hear their voices, and it is our mission to help those among us who need help the most.

We are committed to be an essential service provider so that no one in our community remains outside the circle of blessings. We connect people to the critical resources in our community that can bring the resources so desperately needed.

And yet—we can’t do this alone. You, our donors, are a vital part of providing support and who make it possible for us to help with every day basic needs alongside our essential human services.

To invest in Family & Children Services is to invest our community – your community – to make it a better place to live for everyone.

HANDLE WITH CARE, the annual fund of Family & Children Services, provides critical resources when and where they are needed most. Your gift can help to strengthen and improve the lives of children and families.

Funds donated to HANDLE WITH CARE buy emergency groceries for a family who is hungry. They buy diapers and formula for babies whose mothers can’t afford them. They help to provide trauma counseling for the child removed from a home where he witnessed abuse.

Thank You

Through HANDLE WITH CARE, we extend emergency funds to stabilize those in greatest need. Our clinicians work with individuals as well as families to address their basic needs and teach essential coping skills to handle the challenges in their lives.

In partnership with you, our donors, we continue to live our mission—to support, strengthen and preserve the safety, well-being and dignity of individuals, children, and families.

Please consider making a gift to HANDLE WITH CARE this year. It’s a tax deduction for you and a lifeline for those who can use a helping hand during a most difficult time.

Please open your circle to others in our community. DONATE now to give hope.

Please Donate