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Bringing a Little Joy Into Every Heart

December, 2021

What do you see in your mind’s eye when you think about the holiday season? Bright and colorful lights, a decorated tree with a bounty of wrapped gifts piled beneath it, families gathered around tables heavy with a mouth-watering feast? You may think about laughing children playing in the snow. You may imagine yourself dressed in new clothes, a warm coat and lined boots to keep your feet dry.

Family & Children Services sees a different image at the thought of the holidays. For many of the families and children we serve, the holidays can be a time of increased stress and fear. The problems of the year can become heightened during the holidays—financial shortages, evictions, job losses, hunger, abuse and neglect.

For far too many children in our community, there are no gifts beneath the tree. There is no tree. Santa bringing gifts to good little children is a fairy tale for others, but not for them. Some have even had to be removed from their homes over the holidays to keep them safe.

With your help, we can bring some joy into the holiday season for these children and families.

The Holiday Giving Program has brought hope to families in crisis and to children. Donors provide in-kind donations such as holiday gifts, toys, games, clothing, household supplies and personal hygiene items to children and their families who might otherwise go without.

The In-House Holiday Store is another option to assist our clients. Community donations come from individuals, schools, churches, local businesses, and corporations. When one of our workers or therapists learn of a family in need in the final hours of the holiday, they can quickly select items from the store for a parent to give to a child who might otherwise have no gift.

The Year-Round Pantry Pantry is stocked with essential items most needed by families and children in crisis. Whether families need soap, toilet tissue, diapers, laundry detergent, toothpaste, or any number of everyday items, the Pantry is always open to them. Rather than stocking grocery items, we distribute ALDI gift cards. All items are new, and all are donated by you, our generous community members.

Thank you for helping us brighten the holidays for our clients in crisis this holiday season. With your help, we can brighten the season for every child, every family in our community.

For more information on how to participate in any of these giving programs, please contact Tesi Klipsch, Holiday Giving Program Coordinator, at 269.270.4763 or Tesi.Klipsch@fcsource.org.

Holiday Giving


Holiday Giving

Holiday Giving

Tesi Klipsch

Tesi Klipsch