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A Holiday Message from CEO Sherry Thomas‑Cloud

December, 2020

Dear Friends:

This holiday season is a particularly challenging one for us individually and as a country- that is clear. The stresses of coping with a global pandemic for the last several months has affected every aspect of our daily lives.

We must continue to avoid social contact, indoor social gatherings and wear masks in order to keep ourselves and others safe from this brutal virus that has taken so many lives. When we do this, we are showing that we value and care about the lives of others above our natural desire to want to do otherwise.

It is all our responsibility to find a safe way to remain connected and safe.

It is critically important because of the dire consequences to do otherwise. The barriers and hardships of those we serve at Family & Children Services have not gone away, they have multiplied. Indeed, homelessness, job loss, food insecurity, emotional struggles, all have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic - coupled with the negative impact on community service agency’s ability to fully assist families at this time.

The full impact may not be felt for years, but what we do know is in the “here and now” the pandemic has brought business closures, job losses, unpaid bills, eviction notices, lack of food and basic needs for those families who have limited resources to weather the storm.

Family & Children Services has found ways to continue to service those in our community who are most in need. We have been able to provide necessities that help families continue to survive this crisis. However, we have only been able to do this through your generous donations. Please consider a gift to assist us in continuing to fight the effects of this pandemic because it is not over- not yet!

We can change the outcome. There is no more important time to give than now. Please read our feature about what is happening in our community, Never More Than Now, along with its sidebar, Making the Holidays Brighter for Others, to give you ideas on how you can make a difference in the lives of those who need your help the most.

In Congratulation to 2020 Life Members, we celebrate three new life members who have been an integral part of Family & Children Services for many years with their exemplary service, helping us, helping our community. We honor Rosemary Gardiner, Peter Seaver, and Janice Maatman.

We value each and every one of you as members of the Family & Children Services community, and we wish you all a holiday season of hope for a brighter future that we all build together.

With Gratitude,

Sherry Thomas-Cloud
Sherry Thomas-Cloud, MSW, LMSW
Chief Executive Officer
Family & Children Services

Sherry Thomas-Cloud

Sherry Thomas-Cloud