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Family & Children Services Awarded COA Accreditation

March, 2020

We are glowing.

In January 2020, we received the news that the Council on Accreditation (COA), after an extensive, seven-step review process, has awarded Family & Children Services accreditation.

The COA spent four days conducting interviews with our board members, supervisors, staff, community partners, and service recipients. Their team reviewed our programs and services, visited our facilities, and examined case records and other documents. They also evaluated our administrative and management practices.

Here’s why that’s a big deal:

The COA is a nationally recognized, independent accreditor of community-based behavioral health care and social service organizations. When they review organizations for accreditation, COA looks at quality, risk management, continuous improvement, governance and ethics, transparency and accountability, and recognition. In other words, the COA evaluates an organization or program against best practice standards.

And we came up shining!

The feedback we received from the COA staff who visited Family & Children Services in January included commentary on the dedication, passion and pride that we have in our jobs; that our staff is well-trained and highly skilled; the praise community stakeholders shared about our organization; the rich diversity of our teams; gave a nod to our evidence-based programming; and much more. They were impressed that our clients were given copies of case notes, something they had not seen among our peers, and determined to recommend this to other organizations as an example to follow.

Accreditation is like pinning a medal to our lapels, tangible evidence of our commitment to accountability, competence, and excellence in the non-profit community. It assures those who extend donations, grants, and funds to our organization that we can be trusted to peruse those monies by integrating quality and ethics into our policies and procedures.

Accreditation provides a foundation for continuous improvement by acknowledging where we have been, the work we have done, but also giving guidelines to a future of ongoing quality performance. It shows that we have been closely and carefully examined and found to adhere to the highest standards established among behavioral health and child welfare sectors.

Finally, earning hard-won accreditation, occurring every four years, strengthens our reputation and credibility in our community. Family & Children Services previously earned COA accreditation in 2015.