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A Child’s Dream of Summer Camp

March, 2020

Across our community, children quietly count, and wait, and hope.

Kayla is counting the days. Her fondest wish is that this summer can be her third at camp. The two previous summers have been a time of making new friends who know just how it feels to be different—to be a foster child. The camp she attended was one just for foster kids just like her.

Kayla has been living with different foster families for most of her 10 years. Her foster parents are wonderful, but she knows they don’t have the money to send her to camp like the other kids in school. They have just enough to provide a comfortable home.

Still, she counts the days and hopes for a miracle. She waits for the news.

Across town, 12-year-old Nathan counts days instead of sheep when he tries to sleep at night. Too many nights he hears his father fighting the pain of the cancer that will soon take him away. Just like his mom. Just like his uncle.

For Nathan, science camp is the only time he can escape the pain and loss his family has had to endure and just be a kid, even if only for a while. Science has always been his favorite class in school, and at the science camp he can hang out with other boys and girls who love science, too. He can explore the natural world around him and learn and engage in fascinating experiments.

Nathan lies awake at night, counting the days to summer. He waits for the news.

Will the good news come? Kayla and Nathan are just two of many such children in our community.

At Family & Children Services, the families coming to us often include children who can’t afford to go to camp. Many of the camps who partner with us are specialized for various needs. The children chosen for the summer camp program often spend their summers—indeed, their lives—burdened with emotional and developmental challenges, often neglect and abuse or poverty.

Can these children count on your support?

We thank you for considering a tax-deductible donation.

  • A gift of $500 sends one child to overnight camp
  • A gift of $250 sends one child to day camp
  • A gift of $100 packs a child with camp supplies
  • A general gift to HANDLE WITH CARE supports a variety of critical client needs and services

Please visit fcsource.org to give through our secure online portal by clicking here.

We’re grateful our campers can count on your generosity!