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Share the Blessing

December, 2019

The holiday season is a time when we become especially aware of how blessed we are. As we look around at our family gathered over a delicious meal, a decorated tree blinking its colored lights in the corner of the cozy living room with stacks of brightly wrapped gifts below, and a fire crackling in the fireplace, we are overcome with a sense of wellbeing.

Not everyone is so blessed.

At this time of year most of all, we want to share our many blessings and give to others. Family & Children Services has many ways to give that are convenient and suit any budget.

Holiday Giving Program

To bring a touch of holiday joy to others who might otherwise have none, the Holiday Giving Program matches community donors with community members who are most in need. Children, families, and individuals throughout our community live in poverty or suffer from addiction, abuse and neglect, mental illness, and other challenges.

Their holidays are bleak—but with a little help from you, can be brighter. Donors like you provide in-kind donations, such as gifts, toys, food, household supplies, personal care items and more.

The program, established in 2008, serves hundreds of families and individuals in our community every year. Donors include not only individuals and families, but also organizations, schools, small businesses and corporations. We sign up and match donors to those in need until every need is met.

To donate to the Holiday Giving Program, visit [https://www.fcsource.org/ways-to-give-holiday-giving.html]

Holiday Giving

In-House Holiday Store

The holidays are just around the corner. All the planning for the holidays is coming to a close, but perhaps a Family & Children Services clinician has come across another person in desperate need, fallen through the cracks. It might be a family whose table is bare. It might be a neglected child without a single gift.

That’s where the In-House Holiday Store opens its doors. The Store holds last-minute gifts and necessities that agency staff can give to those they know are hungry, alone, and going without. The store is stocked by community donations from individuals, schools, churches, local businesses and corporations.

To donate to the In-House Holiday Store, visit [https://www.fcsource.org/docs/Holiday-Giving-Brochure-1019.pdf].


Holiday Giving

Be a Volunteer

If you are the kind of donor who loves to be involved and hands-on, Family & Children Services has many volunteer opportunities. Our volunteers can work on a one-time basis, on a regular schedule, or on an annual project. We will work with you to match your skills, interests, and availability to our volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers can …

  • Collect books and board games for our Family Center Resource Room
  • Organize a personal care product or diaper drive for our pantry
  • Assist with clerical and creative tasks in our offices
  • Help maintain our gardens and landscaping throughout the spring, summer and fall
  • Create a personal fundraising page
  • Plan and execute a special event for children in our Foster Care program
  • Support a family we serve for the holidays by purchasing gifts and a holiday meal
  • Educate others about the work of Family & Children Services at Fairs and Festivals
  • Become a foster parent

Please contact Courtenay VanderMolen at Courtenay.VanderMolen@fcsource.org or call 269.488.7936 for more information on volunteering as an individual, as a family, or as a group.

Holiday Giving