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December, 2019

Poverty does not take a holiday.

Abuse and neglect do not take a holiday.

Addiction does not take a holiday.

Trouble happens every day.

“The needs of our clients don’t stop for Christmas, New Year’s or other holiday celebrations,” says Courtenay VanderMolen, Director of Resource Development at Family & Children Services. “Emergencies come up, needs arise, and accidents happen.”

That’s why we have HANDLE WITH CARE, an annual fund that funds urgent needs that come up in a moment of crisis. Every dollar donated goes directly to meet that critical need—auto repairs, household necessities, rent and mortgage payments, trauma treatment, utilities, furniture basics, educational needs, and more.

You have no doubt passed someone in crisis most every day without even realizing it.

That broken down old car you passed last week on the side of the road. Did you notice the man standing beside his car? He was staring in despair at the smoke rising from its hood, because he knew he couldn’t afford the repairs. He had to miss work, again. The car had caused him to miss work several times over the past few months, and his boss was beginning to grumble about hiring someone new.


That man’s name is Brent.

HANDLE WITH CARE provided the funds for Brent’s auto repairs, and he didn’t lose his job. In fact, he’s been early to work ever since his car has been running fine again.

The woman standing on the sidewalk—did you see her? She was out there just this morning, hiding her blackened eye beneath her sunglasses, even though it was a rainy day. She had just run from her home, grabbing nothing more than the coat she was wearing.


Her name is Dyanne.

HANDLE WITH CARE helped Dyanne with first month’s rent in a new apartment, and she was grateful for a warm and safe place to live, and a fresh start. She learned about counseling services available at Family & Children Services that would help her learn to make healthier choices for her future.

Then there was that little boy sitting on the front stoop of his house. So small, so easy to miss, and sometimes even his parents forgot that he was there as they became embroiled in yet another argument. Sometimes they even forgot to feed him, and when he peeked inside the refrigerator, often there was nothing there. Did he catch your eye as he sat on that stoop, chin in his hands?


His name is Dominic.

HANDLE WITH CARE brought food for Dominic’s family, and his parents learned about programs to help get their family back on track.

They are all easy to miss, especially when life gets busy, and our own everyday needs overtake us. But there they are, every single day, even when we don’t notice.

“We are so grateful for our donors to HANDLE WITH CARE,” VanderMolen says. “Our donors have made it possible for us to help people like Brent, Dyanne, and little Dominic, and so many others. The program helps to support our child welfare, behavioral health, and crisis services, and we’re proud to have supported thousands of people who have come to us for help.”

To donate to HANDLE WITH CARE and let these members of our community know that we see them, and that we care, visit https://www.fcsource.org/ways-to-give-hwc.html.

Thank you.