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Am I Depressed

June, 2019

Sometimes we don’t realize we are depressed. Many of us imagine depression as always being sad and not wanting to do anything.

While that may be true, depression can express itself in many forms: constant boredom, self-loathing, anxiety, guilt, and/or hopelessness. Depressed people often isolate themselves from others and withdraw from activities that were once enjoyable.

Depression can affect how we think. A depressed person may be constantly self-critical, feel unlovable, have a negative attitude, and see life as pointless. Someone who is depressed may feel tired most of the time, have little motivation and energy, and easily become irritable.

Depression can also express itself in physical ailments, such as headaches and stomach aches, and insomnia.

When someone is depressed, it may seem as if no one could possibly understand how that feels, but a therapist can help. A therapist does understand depression and how it can impact everyday life.

Numerous studies have shown that talk therapy helps people heal. There’s a real reason behind the saying, “getting things off my chest.” When feelings are not expressed in a safe place, they are stored in the body, and the body can only hold those feelings for so long before causing physical symptoms. Feeling bad is the body’s way of sending a message: please release those dark thoughts and feelings.

Does this sound like you? Talking to an objective, non-judgmental person who holds your information in confidence can be that release that can set you free and restore good health.

If you’re seeking a therapist, please call The Counseling Center at Family & Children Services at 269-344-0202. We can help.

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