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Summer is Almost Here!

March, 2022

Summers for me are probably a lot like they are for you; time spent on Michigan’s glorious lakes with friends and family, outdoor meals with laughter that carries through the neighborhood, and dessert over a fire pit as we close out the day. If you have younger kids, as I once did, summers might also include camp! A time where you drop off your child who is often quiet and nervous and return to pick up an exuberant, independent child instead.

At Family & Children Services, we get to come alongside and serve children and families who do not experience summer the same way. We serve kids with emotional or developmental dysregulation, and kids who have experienced abuse or neglect. We serve kids who are most at-risk of falling behind socially, emotionally, and academically over summer break.

Studies show that camps of all kinds increase competence in a variety of ways, expand positive decision-making skills, and develop resilience. Those positive outcomes extend beyond the camp and carry into the high-risk environments in which many of our kids find themselves throughout the year.

Family & Children Services continues to look for new and exciting ways to prove to kids in our community that they are loved, wanted, and valued. That their unique talents and gifts make our community stronger. One of the ways we’ve been able to do that is by sending kids to various camps and enrichment opportunities. These can include traditional summer camp, as well as tutoring, science, language, music, sports, and art programs.

With kids more vulnerable than ever to falling behind due to the pandemic, we need heroes willing to step in and make this summer a memorable one.

Will you consider being a hero?

  • A gift of $500 sends one child to a week of day or overnight camp
  • A gift of $250 provides one month of academic tutoring
  • A general gift to HANDLE WITH CARE supports a variety of critical client needs and services.

Through HANDLE WITH CARE, our agency’s unique safety net, your tax-deductible gift will help send kids to camp. If you’re the hero these kids need, please return the enclosed envelope with your gift. Alternately, visit fcsource.org and click the “DONATE NOW” button to give through our secure online portal.

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