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Showing “how important it is to give.”

March 5, 2018

"If I could just get help with this bill."

"If I could just get help for my kids."

"If I could just get through this week."

"If I could just get through this crisis."

Family & Children Services clients face countless barriers to living healthy, successful lives - poverty, poor health, disability, and abuse, are chiefly among these.

Fortunately, our clients have you. Because of your generous gifts to our HANDLE WITH CARE annual fund, many of the nearly 8,000 children and adults we serve each year receive direct assistance and client services that knock down these barriers.

  • HANDLE WITH CARE has been a source of hope to thousands of families for more than 30 years. Every dollar given to this fund goes directly to clients, such as:
  • "Coree," who has heart trouble and, along with her children, documented mental health and emotional disabilities. Gifts to HANDLE WITH CARE fixed the family car so everyone can get to all-important appointments with health care providers.
  • "Chyna," who was determined to go through addiction rehab, but worried how she would keep her home and keep her family intact while she was gone. Gifts to HANDLE WITH CARE paid the rent and power bill until she returned, healthy and grateful.
  • "Joannie" and her young girls, who were escaping an abusive relationship. They spent their days in a local shelter and their nights in churches. With help from our Agency and others, she got back on her feet and found both a job and a safe place to live. HANDLE WITH CARE gifts provided bedding and a dresser for the girls' room, helping everyone through the crisis.

HANDLE WITH CARE provides critical client needs and services when there is no other source in the community. These include: appliances, auto repairs, beds, clothing, educational supplies, funeral expenses, furniture basics, household necessities, medical expenses, parenting classes, public transportation, rent/mortgage payment, trauma treatment, utilities, and more.

If you haven't yet given, please consider a gift today. Visit www.fcsource.org/ways-to-give-hwc.html to make a secure online donation. Or contact Director of Resource Development Courtenay VanderMolen at courtenay.vandermolen@fcsource.org / 269.488.7936.

So far this year, our donors have led us to within 20 percent of our most ambitious goal ever - an increased goal to meet increased needs. Thank you! It means so much to families, children, and adults, like this father:

"Because of your generosity, my family and I still have our apartment to call home. Times have been so very hard the past year with the lack of work and the cold winter. We thank you all so very much! You've shown, in more than words, how important it is to give."