What's New


March 1, 2017

Last November, we reported that a recent loss in annual funding would significantly impact agency services. Four months later, that remains the case.

The agency, as expected, has tightened its belt by modifying planned program enhancements, not replacing employees who have left us and, worst of all, reducing some client services.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that you, our generous donors and supporting agencies, have really stepped up to help us financially.

Also in November, we announced an ambitious $390,000 goal for our HANDLE WITH CARE annual fund – our largest ever. We knew from the start that even if we hit our goal, it would be a bittersweet reminder of the funds that were lost.

But we were wrong. BECAUSE IT’S NOT BITTER AT ALL. IT’S REALLY REALLY SWEET! As of mid February, your gifts to HANDLE WITH CARE totaled $340,000! We are within sight of our goal!

We cannot thank you enough. But let us try, but telling you how your generous gifts have helped some of the most vulnerable members of our community in critical need. You have personally provided:

  • A month’s rent for young mother working two part-time jobs forced to choose between rent or a car repair. Now she has both, her kids are in a safe place and she can get to work on time.
  • Boy Scout uniforms for two boys with learning disorders. Their parents couldn’t afford uniforms, but they also couldn’t let the boys down because they were so thrilled to join the Scouts.
  • Trauma counseling for a two-year old boy placed in foster care and parent coaching for his mother so they could finally be reunited.
  • Beds for 11 children who were sleeping on old chairs, couches and cold floors.
  • Payment of an overdue power company bill for a man fighting mental health, surgery bills and trauma who desperately wants to be reunited with his son in a decent apartment.
  • Heavy-duty work clothing for a responsible, loving father trying to raise kids on his own who finally found a job with a construction company following a long stretch of unemployment.

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! Your gift to HANDLE WITH CARE is a strong investment in our community. If you haven’t yet made a gift, simply click here to make a secure gift. In return, Family & Children Services staff and board members pledge to remain good stewards of your investment and to give you a solid return in the form of more healthy, happy children and strong, functioning families.

We all know that when we lift up children, we lift up our entire community. And when we strengthen families, we strengthen our whole society. Thank you for lifting up and strengthening Family & Children Services at such a critical time. We are a source of hope for the community. You are ours.